Business – Serious Business

Do you ever ask yourself “why are some agents really successful while others just get by making a living?”

It’s one of those daily questions everyone should ask because it comes down to the business of what you’re doing. No company goes into a venture thinking “hey I’m going to try and hope this product and idea work”. It’s all through good research, good foundation planning and then getting into action. Successful people all have a few things in common, one of which is their work habits.

Creating an environment for yourself that allows you to keep those healthy habits in place not only to ensure success in your career but also your personal life are key. Come on, let’s all admit it….our job can and would be 24/7 if we allowed it to take over without setting proper boundaries. Successful people in our industry have done just that. Do you think they run after the business? Work outside the time frame they dedicate to their business just because a client demands it? Of course not! Scheduling and time management is key to balance.

The other big difference between a successful business person and one who simply makes a living is broadening your perspective.

I will be perfectly honest, I’m terrible at it. But since I’m the first to admit it, I’m also the first to dust off and constantly start over instead of simply giving up. You see the reason I fail at this one work habit is I get bored easily……oh ya and I’m a people pleaser. Wow, bad combination sometimes and yet in some ways it’s what makes me really good at what I do. So yes I do rearrange my schedule for clients every now and again as well as have a few grey boundaries in my guidelines.

The other big difference between a successful business person and one who simply makes a living is broadening your perspective. As an agent I am always looking for more. More from my career, the industry, clients and of course the deals themselves. Learning something new every day from a colleague, through an article or from a client is the best! So, when you’ve decided to stop wondering why the other half is so successful, remember to dust off, put your best foot forward and take this business head on.

Building a business is a constant laying of bricks and the finished product is never a reality. You should be evolving to match the changing needs of the industry. Time will not be friendly to you if the idea of repeating the same process year after year is your idea of a plan. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to discuss with a group of people who wondered what it was that made us effective in today’s marketplace. I stopped for a moment and said “I think it’s the ability to provide knowledge not only in our marketplace, but globally.” I then told them it’s also about taking my business seriously and knowing that I have specific knowledge and a niche.

Everyone in business today whether it’s retail sales, marketing or office businesses have to bring to the table something that draws the consumer to them. Whether it’s unique product items in their inventory or someone who specialize in a direct field of work. Realtors tended to have a label of “they sell houses”. Make your business about you and what you specialize in. You have qualities that no other person has and it’s what draws your clients to you. Find that, hone it and work it!